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2019-2020 Staff

Stephanie Weiss


Stephanie Weiss has been advising McDowell Media for nine years at McDowell Intermediate High School. Her dream when she left her job in the journalism field and began teaching high school was to lead students in producing quality...

Alex Hopkins

Web Editor-in-Chief

"I always loved the idea of a school publication. To me it completes the high school experience. Being a part of the publication will always hold a special spot in my heart."

Jenna Tupitza

Editor-in-chief, Staff Writer, Photographer, Layout Designer

"I want to be a journalist when I graduate from high school and college."

Elizabeth Sutton

Managing Editor

"As a freshmen, I joined the staff because I was passionate about creating videos and telling stories. This year, as a sophomore, I returned to continue the work I started last year, layout and design."

Jillian Preston

Staff writer

"I love to write for the paper, and not only do I enjoy writing but I love the people I get to work with."

Emma McNeeley

Features Editor

"I love being able to write and tell people's stories, or what people want to hear or share."

Isabelle Southard


"I joined the staff my freshman year and now I am going to major in photojournalism in college."

Kaylee Lewis

Staff writer, Social Media

"I joined the staff because I want to inform the students of McDowell about what is going on in the community."

Ashlee Patron

Copy Editor

"I joined the staff because I enjoy editing, and I have been interested in joining the staff since last year."

Aaryah Belczyk

Social Media Editor and Layout Design

"I originally took Journalism 1 last year and realized how interesting it was. So I then took Advanced Journalism this year to find a wide range of opportunities in the journalism field."

Alex Montgomery

Writer and photographer

"I wanted to get more experience and I have loved writing. I love doing this and getting able to write for other peoples enjoyment."

Nyla Upal

Staff Writer, Photographer

"I like writing and wanted to help out with the school publications."

Sami Deufel

TNN Staff

"I joined because I wanted to see (and bother) my best friend, Izzy Southard, everyday for four years."

Kira Smith

TNN Staff

"This staff gives me the opportunity for me to express myself through digital media. Everyday is an adventure; there is no limit on what we as a staff can create."

Corinne Voelker

TNN Staff

"I joined the McDowell Media staff to learn. Not only did this happen, but I found a passion for the work done here and for this family."

Kailee Frenn

TNN Staff

"I joined the staff in order to gain some experience, expand my horizons, and make new friends!"

Meghan Longo

TNN Staff

"I joined the staff because of my interest in film and wanting to learn more about the technical side of video recording."