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Jupiter shines bright above Eaton Reservoir on a late night shoot in early August

Letters of Recommendation: Just a drop in the Bucket

Elizabeth Sutton November 10, 2020
Most teenagers would be at a party with friends on a Friday night, but somehow I find myself at Eaton Reservoir at 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night in early August.
Workers at Picassos restaurant supported Johnny Huebel by wearing his jersey number on Oct. 23 for #23strong day for Heubel.

Support Continues as McD Linebacker Recovers

Savannah Orzechowski November 5, 2020

 McDowell football starting linebacker, Jonathan (Johnny) Huebel, was life flighted to Pittsburgh on Sept. 25 after collapsing on the sideline during the game against Cathedral Prep.  This devastating...

Infographic created from data of a survey of the Millcreek Community

Poll: Students wear masks but don’t distance

Mary Claire Miller October 19, 2020

Students have varying degrees of concern when it comes to the pandemic. Some are carrying on in day-to-day life as normal, attending parties and other large gatherings regularly. Others have been a bit...

Water Polo parents still show support for their student athletes despite Covid-19 restrictions for indoor sporting events. They didn't want the stands to be empty so they made their own

Fall Athletics Feelings

Savannah Orzechowski, Sports Writer/Photography October 19, 2020

Molly Sebunia, a senior on the McDowell High School water polo team, is enjoying a winning season for her senior year, but for her family it is not as fun. No spectators are allowed on the pool deck, and...

Outside of the Millcreek Education Center where the in-person school board meetings were held in the past.

MTSD Reports First COVID-19 Cases, Revises Plan

Elizabeth Sutton September 30, 2020

  Millcreek Township School District (MTSD) reported its first case of COVID-19 on Sept. 22. District officials stated that it was a staff member, and that all CDC guidelines would be followed....

Forgotten Bicycle Frees Student from Quarantine

Forgotten Bicycle Frees Student from Quarantine

Cadence Hoover, Journalism 1 writer June 11, 2020
The crisp breeze from the descending sun hit my face as my bike tires traversed the sidewalk. All that had been happening, all the stress from the past weeks, was gone. Feelings of freedom and abandon flooded through my fingertips on the handlebars, my flowing hair in the wind, and a racing heart in my chest.
Puzzle Keeps Student from Going to Pieces

Puzzle Keeps Student from Going to Pieces

Marcie Holtgrefe, Journalism 1 writer June 11, 2020
Had I been in the classroom, I wouldn’t have failed so much, but in quarantine, the puzzle was one thing I couldn’t fail.
Pandemic Give Soccer Player New Goals

Pandemic Give Soccer Player New Goals

Rodrigo Cejudo, Journalism 1 writer June 11, 2020
After getting home I knew my problem was my physical shape. I couldn’t run a mile without almost dying, so I decided to start doing exercise from home and a few days later I could see the changes. My brothers, who are 14 and 12 years old, watched me and wanted to get back in shape too, so they started to do what I was doing.
Future of Online Learning Unknown as School Year Ends

Future of Online Learning Unknown as School Year Ends

Jenna Tupitza, Editor-in-Chief June 11, 2020
Overall this decision is allowing students to take the idea of online schooling, like PA Cyber, for a test drive, and has proven to have  mixed reviews from both the students and the teachers as they learn their way around new software and new expectations of learning.
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