Upcoming Club Activities

Fun Clubs to Start off the Second Semester

Attention McDowell students, if your new year’s resolution was to meet new people or find a hobby, McDowell has more than 50 clubs and activities to offer. Most clubs are open to grades 9-12.

Yearbook Kaldron The goal of the yearbook staff is to capture the memories from the school year from words in pictures. Students will get the opportunity to take part in documenting their year at McDowell in a meaningful way. Students in this club will work with Mrs. Marshall and at school events or TBD after school meetings. Students should email Mrs. Marshall at [email protected] for any further details.

Garden Club If you want the chance to learn to grow and plant various plants, then the garden club is just for you. The garden club continues to develop and maintain the flower garden outside the MIHS main entrance. They meet in room 4-210 during tutorial, after school, or both. They meet outside the main entrance or in the greenhouse in Mrs. Taylor’s room after school on Tuesdays. Some upcoming activities for the club will include a spring plant sale, outside help planting and weeding in the spring, and greenhouse work preparing for the plant sale and plantings.

Upcoming event for Valentine’s day in Student Council. (Mckenzie Pauli/Trojan Voice)

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) GSA is a club for everyone. They honor and support members of the LGBTQ+ community and work together to create a more inclusive environment for McDowell students and teachers. The club recently had a sticker sale of original artwork turned into stickers, brings in guest speakers, and generally supports students looking for a safe school environment. Wabtec’s Pride forum is visiting an upcoming GSA meeting on Feb. 1. Students meet Wednesdays in various locations: Mrs. Rowley’s room at MHS in room 226 and alternating between Mrs. Alesso’s (6-203) and Mr. Fonticella’s rooms in the MIHS.

Student Council In the fall student leaders have an opportunity to improve the school environment for all students when they join the student council. The club does this in creative and positive ways, which are designed by students in the council. This year they have been doing many fundraisers. Students will meet with Mr. Reeseman in room 2-102.

Library Literacy Club This is a club for students who enjoy reading and literacy-based activities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in book talks with other members about the book that you chose, as well as participate in the annual battle of the books contest that was canceled, but is now replaced. Thursdays after school you can meet Mr. Schilajew in room 2-205.

McDowell Chess Club This is a club for all who enjoy playing chess. Any McDowell student, grade 9-12 is welcome to stop by and play games. If you don’t know, you can be taught. This is an area where there will be no drama, no electronics and just you and a partner playing a board game having fun. Students will meet with Major Nygaard in the ROTC room 2-011 on Thursdays during tutorial.