Perry Square Ice Skating

Erie Downtown Partnership has opened a synthetic ice skating rink in Perry Square this winter season. The 30 by 50 foot arena has allowed beginners into the art of ice skating and still provides them to have fun and be safe while practicing their skills, or for Erie residents to enjoy their time in Perry Square during the snowiest days of the year.

Get a sneak peek at the experience of city park ice skating close to home with the Downtown Erie community ice rink. Make Perry Square our Rockefeller and indulge in all the other activities Downtown Erie has to offer.

Although looking and feeling like ice, the small rink is completely synthetic. It’s made of a polymer material that creates the slippery effect of actual ice. “Even though I could’ve gone to some of the real ice skating rinks that are in our area, I was really curious about what the little rink would feel like,” says Alexandra Rinderle, a McDowell student who attended the rink.

“It was surprisingly very smooth and slippery just like real ice skating, if you told me it was real ice, I would’ve believed you.” Rinderle said.

Many attendants have commented on how beneficial this experience could be for downtown Erie. “You don’t see many people who come downtown during the winter time. All the activities during this time are usually inside away from the cold, which is also accessible during any other season.”

This small change to Perry Square park can have a big impact on the amount of entertainment residents will have during winter. Having an outside winter attraction adds that festive spark that indoors activities can’t.

Although its appealing nature of being overrides other attractions, it can also attract people into the different indoor events it also has. Rinderle explains, “I love the fact that after or before ice skating, I can head to a nearby restaurant and get a bite to eat. It’s very convenient since I don’t live nearby and feel like I’m getting the best experience.”

The rink can be very helpful for the Perry Square area. Visitors can take a look at the seasonal lights hung up in Perry Square after ice skating or maybe take a stroll to the nearby shops, activities, and events that will put you into the winter spirit. There are many things to do downtown that most people probably didn’t know about.

As mentioned, the rink is very tiny. At the cute size of 30’x50’, about 25 to 30 people can fit into the rink at a time. If there is a high waiting list then time spent in the rink will be monitored. But the size makes it very easy and practical for beginners since it’s not massively overwhelming.

“Embarrassing to say as a high schooler that I am a terrible ice skater” says Thomas Lampros a freshman at McDowell, “So when asked to go ice skating, I was terrified.” Lampros goes on to say that skating at the little rink is “like the baby steps you take before going head first into the skill of ice skating”.

“It’s also super affordable” Lampros continues, “it’s only $5 to rent the skates, which is good since I have no money for anything.”

The Perry Square synthetic ice skating rink is open throughout winter, closing in late Feb. of 2023. They are open Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Make sure to visit the little rink to create the feel of a smaller Rockefeller experience in Erie.