How Snow Effects Christmas

At the end of September, the leaves on the trees start to fall and the environment starts to change. Cold, mild and foggy days start to form. This year, on Nov. 13, the first blanket of snow appeared on the ground, and by Nov. 17 there was so much snow that schools were closed and Millcreek called its first two-hour delay. People hate snow because, “It’s the ugliest thing on our planet, and it covers all of the beautiful colors of nature.” People complain that snow is too cold and they try to convince people that snow is bad for the environment. They say that when the snow melts, the snow can damage houses in many ways. In reality, according to geologist James Hutton, snow is good for the environment because it helps regulate the temperature of the Earth’s surface. However, for me the snow regulates my mood. I love snow because it gives off calm and relaxing vibes. But more importantly, I think that if there isn’t snow then there shouldn’t be any Christmas because then it would be no fun to sit in your house playing with the new things that we all got from Christmas. People like me would be devastated if there was no snow. People say that snow is horrible, but in my opinion I think that the snow is lovely. When the trees are bare with no leaves and the snow is covering the branches it looks like a Winter wonderland. We shouldn’t forget how beautiful the snow is when it falls upon America’s cultural landscape. Snow is meant for having fun. It symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. I would never complain about the unshoveled snow from the road or in my driveway. Winter is only three months long. If you can’t wait three months for summer, then 1. wear more or warmer clothing, 2. challenge yourself to play in the snow, and actually have fun, or 3. you can create your own traditions. After all that, if you still don’t like the winter, then you can move to a warmer or tropical area.