The Steaming Battle: Coffee v. Cocoa

It’s a December evening. Snow is falling from the sky, cold wind is blowing and you’re covered in a bundle of fuzzy blankets. You get up to get a warm drink and you’re left holding two boxes in each hand; a box of coffee and a box of hot chocolate.
If left with the choice, coffee is always the right path to pour into a mug and hold while the warm steam curls up your nostrils. Hot chocolate never seems to really make you warm, it makes you burn. Hot chocolate tends to be one of those drinks where you take a sip and your tongue will be burned for days. Hot chocolate never dissolves fully, as it seems that you’re always left with the grainy cocoa powder at the bottom of your mug. Not to mention, hot chocolate is bland and seems to only have two flavors, chocolate or peppermint. Coffee, on the other hand, has a copious amount of variation, especially when it comes to holiday flavors. Some fan-favorites include the peppermint mocha, white chocolate toasted coffee, vanilla and much more.
Coffee is rich and energy-providing for hours, it can fuel you for your day rather than providing just a momentary burst of sugar. Depending on what flavor you get, coffee isn’t all that sugary (unless you opt for a mocha-frappe-chino from a fast coffee chain). Hot chocolate is purely sugar-based because of the chocolate powder and marshmallow toppings.
The effects of energy that coffee gives lasts longer than hot chocolate. Hot chocolate seems to make you feel more ill than coffee does. The 12 grams of sugar consumed at once with the gross hot chocolate water is setting you up for a stomach ache. Coffee is linked to benefiting you in many ways, such as lowering depression, supporting brain health and even helping heart health. Hot chocolate on the other hand causes 22% of people to experience migraines, and promotes high anxiety among other things strictly from the sugar and caffeine intake. Remember when you were younger drinking hot chocolate with your parents and they had coffee? Coffee is a chapter of life, turning pages of your life from childhood to adulthood. So this winter, why not take a step into adulthood and try some coffee.