College FB Transfer Portal

Max Abate, Staff Writer

The College Football season has ended for 49 teams and that means significant changes are going to be made whether it relates to the players or the coaches for each team. As coaches are set to leave their programs, whether they are fired or choose to step down, many players may follow suit and enter the transfer portal.
The transfer portal is an online database where players become available to play for different schools, and this has been known as college football free agency as the increased activity in the portal over the past five years or so has taken the college football world by storm. In most cases, players enter the transfer portal due to the lack of playing time or the departure of a specific coach on the staff.The transfer portal has become

have taken over college football.


a hassle and is very demoralizing to college football coaches because of the extra recruiting trips they may have to make in addition to high school recruiting, but the transfer portal has become very enjoyable for fans as many star players have entered the transfer portal in recent years and that’s what makes it more enjoyable and exciting for college football fans who are looking for upgrades towards their favorite college football teams. Another reason many coaches aren’t a fan of the transfer portal is players could be looking for a specific amount of money to be paid to play for a program and many schools cannot afford those players because rules around name, image and likeness

Almost about 4,000 players will be entering the transfer portal this offseason and many teams will be looking to acquire those players in order to increase their chances of winning their conference or the national championship. The Quarterback position will be the most sought after position in the transfer portal and many power five schools will be looking for upgrades to expedite their rebuilds. Making college football as balanced as ever should be a top priority for the NCAA and implementing the transfer portal was one of the best decisions they could have made in order to do that. There is no clear cut national champion or conference champion in the preseason anymore as more and more schools are acquiring talent around them because of the transfer portal and its effects. Most seasons, schools such as Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson would be the only three national title contenders, but the transfer portal has made an impact on that as schools such as TCU, Michigan, and USC have been able to make the jump to championship contention along or ahead of those three schools listed before.
In that case, the transfer portal is great for college football and will continue to be great as the national championship race will continue to be anyone’s race rather than a three team race where the same few teams acquire all of the top recruits in the country and most teams weren’t able to improve via the transfer portal. We have seen amazing turnarounds in the 2022 college football season because of the effects of the transfer portal as the USC Trojans went from a 4-8 program to an 11 win program in main part to the additions of Quarterback Caleb Williams, Wide Receiver Mario Williams, Wide Receiver Jordan Addison, and Running back Travis Dye. Williams is the favorite to win the Heisman Trophy which goes to the most outstanding player in college football and has been a major factor in USC’s success. The Tennessee Volunteers had been lacking in success for a few years now and adding Quarterback Hendon Hooker from the transfer portal helped them win 10 games in 2022 which made them a contender for the national championship until their recent loss to South Carolina. Those two schools have been blocked from succeeding in recent years due to the success of schools such as Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and Oklahoma, but the transfer portal really has helped form more unpredictability in college football which is great for all fans and players who are looking to win big things in the future.
Being able to add significant talent on a roster is a top priority for a head football coach as the transfer portal has given a way for coaches and programs to improve their teams and open their championship windows sooner than thought. Adding important positions such as Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers are the main priorities while searching the transfer portal and have been a success for many schools in college football who are looking to take that next step into championship contention. Instead of watching schools such as Alabama and Clemson dominate every single season, the transfer portal has opened up a great watching experience for the non casual college football fan who looks for chaos rather than normalcy.