Gaming Worlds Collide

Twitch v. Youtube Controversy


Over the past 2 years, viewers and streamers on Youtube Gaming and Twitch have been left with many unsolved issues and questions about the Twitch and Youtube business war that has been taking place ever since Mixer (a live streaming service created by Microsoft that later in its life was shut down) started signing contracts with big Twitch names like Ninja and Shroud for up to 30 million dollars. These contract deals lead to many streamers switching to Youtube, in turn for a steady and large paycheck compared to an unstable pay that usually comes with streaming on these popular websites. Old Twitch names like Dr. Lupo, TimTheTatMan, and CourageJD have all done this. Other streamers have done the same thing but instead of moving to Youtube, they signed a contract with Twitch to stay on the platform they started on.
But not only is the high and stable wages moving streamers from one website to the other, Twitch’s policies and unfair punishments for breaking rules have forced many large streamers to Youtube. Dr. Disrespect, one of the largest Twitch streamers on the platform, was banned permanently without a reason from Twitch and after a couple days with no word from them switched to Youtube so he could just keep streaming and still make some money. Ludwig, a Twitch streamer brought to fame by his one-month-long live uncapped subathon. Where he streamed for 30 days straight and made over 1.4 million dollars. Decided to switch to youtube because when it was time for him to make his decision he spoke with some Twitch Representatives and got the feeling that even after making the company lots of money and attention, he did not feel valued for his hard work and decided on Youtube because the people there seemed to care more about his decision.
Not only do streamers get this feeling but so do viewers. When a viewer’s favorite streamer gets banned for an unspecified reason or are stuck listening to non-copyrighted music due to Twitch’s strict DMCA policies which prohibit any level of popular song from being played. They will not want to stay around. And would much rather find a streamer on a platform that does not have such a tight grip.
To conclude my analysis of this situation. Twitch, despite representing a business model in which they sacrifice any idea of profit every year in turn for a community in which gaming communities can thrive. Has many different factors from strict copyright rules to a lack of communication with their user base. Which puts them at a great disadvantage when up against a very profitable and successful Youtube.