Fuel Your Day Locally


Erie, Pennsylvania has many options to get coffee. Yes we have the basic chain cafes like Starbucks and Dunkin, but we also have tons of local coffee shops that are unique to us.

Local coffee shops always seem to be looked over by these chain cafes. An Erie local, Mary-Claire Miller, says that the local coffee shops, “are more relaxed and have a different ambiance than chain stores.” She loves to get her coffee from Brew Ha Ha. Here they have many different varieties of coffee, and lots of other fun drinks and treats.

Delaney Glunt, an avid customer of Premium Coffee Company of Erie, says that the “owners are always more hospitable and incredibly personable.”

Buying and enjoying a cup of coffee locally is just better. There is more variety, and they also tend to care more about your satisfaction than chains.

Next time you need a caffeine kick drive over to one of the amazing coffee shops that are home to Erie, rather than stopping at a chain.