Pumped for Spice

The search for this hyped fall flavor takes two writers around town


Carey Pados

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Brew Ha Ha Café in Erie.

The pumpkin spice craze is in full force this month. Two staff writers chose to sample some of the spiced treats around town to see what all the fall fun is about.

Brew Ha Ha: small warm pumpkin spice latte
Cost: $4.82 (12 oz, made with oat milk)
Carey’s Opinion: smells lightly of pumpkin, not sickenly sweet, tastes lightly of pumpkin and has a nice aftertaste with a hint of the spice, it’s simple but it could be just a touch sweeter;
3.75 pumpkins out of 5
Meghan’s Opinion: espresso taste is very prevalent, not too sweet, smells like pumpkin pie, rich aftertaste, feels like a hug in a cup, would like a little more sweetness, very smooth, is that the oat milk??, tastes like a craft store during the fall
3.75 pumpkins out of 5

Pressed: small warm pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Pressed Café

Cost: $4.51 (12 oz, made with oat milk)
Carey’s Opinion: not super sweet-smelling, definitely smells more of basic pumpkin flavor, foam on top is good, definitely tastes very light, I’d get it again if the price was lower;
2 pumpkins out of 5
Meghan’s Opinion: doesn’t smell too sweet or too much like pumpkin, tastes burnt, not very sweet, not much pumpkin taste at all, I would not know this was a pumpkin spice latte if I blind tasted it, tastes too strong
1 pumpkin out of 5


Andora’s Bubble Tea: small pumpkin spice pearl milk

Pumpkin Spice Pearl Milk from Andora’s Bubble Tea

Cost: $5.50 (16 oz, made with oat milk)
Carey’s Opinion: strongest pumpkin spice flavor we’ve tasted, it tastes just like pumpkin pie, the pearls add a good texture and taste to the drink, the taste of it is a bit overwhelming and heavy but it really hits home on the whole pumpkin theme
3 out of 5 pumpkins
Meghan’s Opinion: strong pumpkin flavor, a little grainy because of the spices, a little too sweet, the aftertaste is a little funky, after a while, it was too sweet to drink, the tapioca pearls evened out the drink a little but only temporarily
3 pumpkins out of 5



Starbucks: tall warm pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks

Cost: $5.73 (16 oz, made with oat milk)
Carey’s Opinion: nice and creamy, the whip adds a nice sweetness to it, the pumpkin is perfectly pumpkin-y, the spice is nice, but not too much, overall the flavor is smooth and it’s not too sweet and not too bland, it’s the perfect middle ground if you love pumpkin but don’t like a heavy taste of it, overall 4.75 pumpkins out of 5
Meghan’s Opinion: creamy, smells like happiness in a cup, not a super strong pumpkin taste, not a super-strong espresso taste, perfectly in the middle, the whip makes it a little more creamy
4 pumpkins out of 5


Dairy Queen: small pumpkin pie blizzard

Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Cost: $5.25 (6 oz)
Carey’s Opinion:  tastes just like the name, it’s not too sweet but not too bland, I love the spice and whipped topping, the crust pieces really add some texture and flavor and overall it’s a very tasty treat!
4.5 pumpkins out of 5
Meghan’s Opinion: initial taste was not great, not a fan of the whip, not a strong pumpkin taste, balanced evenly, LOVE the crust pieces
4 pumpkins out of 5

Carey’s Overall Comments: Overall, I’d say the drinks were pretty split in terms of the pumpkin flavor being either too light or too strong. From our findings, it’s pretty safe to say that there’s a drink for everyone out there, whether you’re a huge fan and crave that pungent pumpkin flavor profile or even if you like to keep things light with the spice.
Meghan’s Overall Comments: The drinks and treats were evenly distributed on the amount of sweetness present, how strong the espresso was, if any, as well as the amount of pumpkin flavor. Some drinks were sweeter than others whereas some were too close to a plain latte. Overall, there is a treat that everyone would like regardless of personal preference.