Game Day Crowds are Back


Grace Tirak , Staff Writer

After a long-awaited year, the McDowell Mob is finally back. COVID-19 affected not only attendance at school but at sporting events as well. Through the 2020-2021 school year, the Mob, McDowell’s student fan section, was not allowed at any sporting events. This definitely had an effect, not only on the athletes, but the school spirit that usually comes with cheering on McDowell students, as well. 

Now that it’s back, “They love it! Players and coaches have told us how much it pumps them up and gets them excited to play in front of their peers,” said Amy Palermo, a McDowell teacher and The Mob adviser. 

The Mob at McDowell is the student section at all different sporting events throughout all three seasons. There are many things that can come with the Mob. It’s not only a good way to cheer on classmates, but it is a way to meet and make new friends. 

We think it’s so popular because anyone and everyone is welcome in The Mob,” said Crystal Myers, Game Day Crew adviser and McDowell teacher, “You don’t need to be a member of a sports team to have fun and enjoy games. You can go with your friends, cheer and scream your head off, dress up for fun themes, and simply have a great time with your peers.”  

Anyone is welcome in the Mob. It not only makes the people cheering the athletics on more excited to watch the game, but it also makes the athletes enjoy playing even more. The Mob shows the school spirit around McDowell. 

Usually, the students would organize specific themes to go with games throughout the season. This year, a group of students and the Mob advisers put together “Mob Bags” filled with all items related to the different game themes. Students promote the themes on social media and at school so they know how the Mob will cheer the athletes on each game. The bags could be purchased for $30 and are filled with a white “The Mob is Back” T-shirt, a hat, a glow stick, sunglasses, and camo bandana and more. Myers knew coming back from virtual learning would require even more school spirit, “In years past we would start off the year selling Mob Shirts and then proceed to sell items for certain games such as glow sticks, poms, bandanas, etc.  We thought we’d try selling it all as one package at the start of the year and then students would only have to make one purchase and be set for the year with their shirt, items for each theme, and a McDowell Mob drawstring bag,” Myers said.  

Students interested in getting one can still purchase one from the high school main office or from Mr. Orlando in the Focus Room at MIHS. 

 If you are interested in game updates, students post regularly on the Instagram page @themcdowellmob. 

If you need any more information you can always find information on the website.