Online Learning Requires Motivation


Social media has helped teens during the pandemic when they have had to put their social lives on hold.

Riley Guzowski

 My typical online learning experience has been something I’ve never gone through before. From being at school every day with my friends, to being at home constantly and navigating school work entirely through a computer, things have been difficult. Many people like remote learning. While I will say it is kind of cool to do everything online, I prefer to physically be at school. I feel like I learn better in person, and being around my friends makes my day a whole lot easier. Many people I know have been struggling with online school both mentally and academically, and when the pandemic started is when I started to struggle, too. 

I took school for granted before the pandemic began. I felt that it was tiring and time-consuming. It was hard to get out of bed so early and get ready, and I would sit through my classes bored and very sleepy. Then quarantine began on March 13, 2020, and when we didn’t go back to school after two weeks, I began to feel kind of empty without school. When I thought about it, school really gave me a reason to get out of bed and get myself ready. Seeing my friends always made my day, and since the pandemic began, I haven’t seen them much at all. I went from seeing my best friends all day every day, to not seeing them at all, and that made me really sad.

One experience I’ve had during pandemic learning was with one of my teachers, Mrs. Weiss. She was the only teacher I had this semester who reached out to me, checked up on me, and did whatever she could to try and help me. She gave me kind words and talked me through things, and overall helped a lot with my motivation and organization. I am very grateful for that. My other classes rarely have live meets. I feel as if I can understand what is going on more when I can discuss things with the teacher. Mrs. Weiss always made sure I was doing okay with my assignments.

Another experience I’ve had during pandemic learning was the struggle with my mental health. Growing up, I’ve always struggled with my mental health, but when the pandemic started, it really made things worse for me. My grades started to drop and my motivation was non-existent. Being at home so much gave me time to learn a lot about myself, and try new ways to deal with things. It is all about finding out what works best for you and to get on a schedule. Having no motivation can be hard to fix, but I told myself I could push through it and that it would be the best thing to do. I started going to sleep earlier, setting lots of alarms, and disciplining myself to complete work the day before or the day that it is due. 

Learning during the pandemic has been difficult for some and easy for others. To make the situation better, I focus on getting a good night’s sleep, completing work before it is due, and staying positive. Doing things that distract me from the pandemic is very helpful. When the second semester starts, students have the option to return to the building full time. It is a little scary to think about the risks, but I know it will benefit me more learning in person. But for students who are going to remain all virtual, just know you can do it. Stick to a schedule and discipline yourself. Do things that motivate you and make you feel happy and energized. Hopefully by next school year, we won’t have to learn remotely anymore.