Letters of Recommendation: Learning to Appreciate Family


Savannah Orzechowski


It’s an interesting topic.

From love to hate and from tradition to separation.

Having a loving family is hard when you can’t see each other as much. Going from being around each other all the time to barely seeing each other due to a pandemic. A lot of things change when the world changes its ways.

I have always loved my family and spending time with them on holidays and special occasions until we were hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. My family works really hard to connect. We try to make our bonds as strong as they used to be. 

Before things changed, I used to hate being away from my family until everyone started being stressed all of the time. I wanted to be around them every chance I got but it’s different now. I never want to be around them. I want to leave whenever I get a chance to. 

I didn’t want to be around them sooner than I was because they were so rude to each other and I didnt like to listen to the arguing all the time. When the pandemic started no one wanted to be around each other. We never wanted to stay at each other’s houses or even text or call to check up on each other. We distanced ourselves not only because we had to, but because we wanted to, and I just had contact with the people I live with or my Aunt Jennifer and her children and also my grandmother.  

Everyone in the family was stressed, trying to stay happy and healthy during a hard time in the world. But we did this by removing people we all love a lot even through our usual disagreements. We argued so much about politics that it made families stop coming around because they didn’t want to be around the negative energy that was surrounded by the politics. 

The worst part is, I lost one of my closest cousins, who is more like a sister to me than anything else. We drifted apart due to the pandemic because I was still working and doing things that I needed to do to help my mom with things we needed to pay for. She hated that I spent time with friends. Our bond used to be unbreakable. She was upset because she felt I was choosing friends over family. 

Our family was torn apart by this pandemic. We went from a family that supported one another to one that questions everything the others do. Nothing anyone did for anyone else was supported. No one took a moment to thank anyone for anything. Everyone always had something negative to say about someone else in the family.
Around mid-July things started to go back to normal, this changed because it was getting closer to the Fourth of July which we call a family day where we spend time together and forget about what we disagree on. Even though we still weren’t seeing each other a lot, we started to communicate more. 

I eventually started to talk to my cousin again. It was just really hard to be around her and spend time with her because she was pregnant and worried about the baby and catching a sickness. Things were hard at first but we began to talk all the time and see each other as best as we could. 

The family eventually started to hang out again and spend time together during the summer. It was still hard because my aunt and mom still had their disagreements. Recently I haven’t wanted to be around everyone again, but I’m putting in a lot of effort for my mom and grandma to make the family somewhat normal again. 

It’s hard going from being super close with family to barely having anything to talk to them about or seeing them all the time. Having to let go of something you love so much is very hard… 

Over the last eight months, I have come to appreciate my family more. Having something you love so much be ruined rather than trying to fix it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, but it is very important to have a good thing back in my life. We have a new baby that has been born. I’m very excited to meet her and see my cousin again.