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Students Carve Out Melon Creativity


Teen cuisine, an elective at McDowell High School, involves students exploring food by cooking everything, ranging from chocolate cream pie to lasagna roll-ups. In Teen Cuisine’s fruit unit, the students held a watermelon carving contest where students had one day to plan and prepare their designs.  Then they carve the watermelon the next day.


Students got their ideas from Pinterest and other sources that provided a plan on how they would carve their watermelons. One of the winning teams, who consisted of Cole Becker, Sophia Izzo, Madison Driscoll, Marlee Turowski, and Michael Simpson-Stewart, made a shark out of their watermelon. They used blueberries for the eyes and stuck toothpicks through apples for the teeth. Students were asked to get creative with their watermelon carvings and the completed the task extremely well.


 Kelly Hayes taught the unit and hosted the competition. She said that she would definitely continue the competitions in her course. “The carving competition always seems to go over very, very well with the students. They really enjoy being able to bring their creativity into the project and also being able to display their competitiveness amongst each other,” Hayes said.


Students scheduling for the fall can look into this class if they like to eat, want to try something new, or want to learn how to cook well.  Teen cuisine is a class that does not have any prerequisites. The Family and Consumer Science Department has also been incorporating competitions into the other classes, an example being cake decorating.


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