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Holiday $hopping for the Thrifty Budget

Most people hear the words Christmas Shopping and panic. Well, here are some holiday spending tips that will keep the panic away while shopping.
In today’s society it is pretty easy to say that everyone is looking for the “perfect” gift to give a loved one. With the ideas of a “perfect” gift in our minds we easily overspend.
Many Americans participate in Black Friday shopping. The shoppers awake at the crack at dawn some even line up in front of stores awake ahead of time, all to find that “perfect” gift for the “perfect” price.

Twelfth grader, Ryan Filipski, does not participate in Black Friday shopping in fear of his well being, “they will trample me like elephants.” Black Friday can be dangerous, with millions nationwide coming for those deals. There are many ways to receive that unbelievable deal, while staying safe.

Make a List and Stick to It
Before you even fill up your gas tank to go the store or jump online to buy those presents, you need a list of how many people you are buying for and the amount of money you want to spend. To help budget your money, Android users can download an app called Gift List. The app is free to download and to use. The app allows you to put as many people on your Christmas shopping list as you want, and create a budget for each person. It even lets you put down what you bought and helps keep track of how much you spent for each person.
Not to worry Iphone users, there’s budging apps for you as well. Gift Planner works almost identically to Gift List. Gift Planner has many unique features, such as taking pictures of gifts already wrapped. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still keep track of presents, budgets, and people by simply writing it all down on a piece of paper. Just make sure you have the list with you at all times. It’s very important to keep a record of how much things are being bought and how much money is being spent. Without keeping record of prices and items being bought. It is very easy to over spend.

Set Gift Limits for Each Person
Try to not buy too many presents; one to three presents are enough. It’s important to remember that the real gift of Christmas is being with family.

Gift Alternatives
There’s nothing wrong with buying something at Goodwill or Salvation Army as along as it’s in good shape and you clean it before you give it to somebody.
Many people love to receive homemade cookies and pies. Twelfth grader, Calley Palicia, explained how she loves to receive homemade presents as long as it’s food.
Making something yourself  is a great way to show somebody you care about them because homemade presents come from the heart, “Homemade presents are less expensive and more meaningful”, Stated Lena Kubat, a twelfth grader.
No matter what you buy this holiday season, it’s important to remember that Christmas is about coming together as one family and sharing the love you have received throughout the year.

As featured in the December 2016 version of The Trojan Voice

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