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How to Survive Winter Driving

The winter weather is unpredictable in Erie, Pa, and for many new, young drivers, the winter weather is scary to drive in and makes every new driver nervous. But, with some preparation, you can succeed in being some of the best drivers on the road in the snowy weather.
“One way to prepare for winter driving is to plan ahead,” said Corporal Anthony Chimera, a police officer who works at the Millcreek Police Department.
You should always check the weather, understand how clear the roads are, and clean your car off completely before taking off. Communicate to your family if you are going anywhere and if you run into some trouble.
“I always keep a shovel in my car just in case I do get snow plowed into an area on the street, or I get in a ditch and I need to dig myself out of the snow,” said Nicolette Gambill, a junior at McDowell High School who is experiencing her first winter behind the wheel.
When preparing your car for the winter weather, there are certain things you should consider doing such as packing extra clothes and other essentials, bringing snow brushes, getting snow tires, clearing your windows, mirrors and headlights, and getting your car checked, especially your battery
While driving, there are many safety precautions that will help new drivers on the snowy roads. There are things to consider and things you should avoid.
A precaution you should do is keep your gas tank at least half full because if you get stuck in a ditch you will need to stay warm and keep your engine on. Condensation can occur when the gas is not filled up all the way in the fuel tank and it freezes the gas. It will cause problems for the car.
During the winter you shouldn’t accelerate up hills because your wheels will just be spinning and then you can’t control your car. Also remember to give yourself extra time to get somewhere, have your seatbelt on, drive slowly, drive with headlights on, and stay in your vehicle if you are stuck or stranded
If you do get stuck, you and your family can get a AAA card. The AAA card includes services like towing, rental car discounts, and accident assist. It costs between $66 and $126 a year and depends on what package you choose.
“I just keep my AAA card on me at all times because it’s my savior,” Gambill said.
When you are driving and get stuck or find yourself sliding on the ice, some things you SHOULD NOT do include panicking if you start to slide, slamming the brakes, tailgating, or speeding.
These are many precautions to take and use in future when you are driving and want to be safe.“Many winter crashes are caused by aggressive drivers driving too fast for the road conditions,” said Cpl. Chimera.
Winter driving is scary but if you follow these tips and precautions, you will be fine, but above all, Corporal Chimera suggests that any new drivers should “get out and practice!”

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