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It’s Time to Start Talking About the SAT

When teens hear the letters SAT, they just want to run away and hide. However, with the new year underway, it’s time for juniors and seniors to seriously start thinking about the exam.
The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is one test that students must take, either junior or senior year, before applying to a college. Colleges and universities look at these test scores when choosing to admit high school students.
To register for the SAT, go online to There are four more test dates quickly coming upon us, January 21, March 11, May 6, and June 3. The registration date for the January test has already passed, but you can register for the March exam up until February 10.
Maddie Carson, McDowell High School Senior, took the SAT last year and believes it is very important for high school students to take. “If you score highly on the SAT, you have the opportunity to get into a more prestigious college. It will also get you scholarship money towards tuition for colleges,” Carson said.
A student may take the test multiple times to get the best possible score that they wish to have.
Before you take the exam, you have to prepare yourself. There are many good ways to study for the test. Emily Kehl, McDowell High School Junior, is planning on taking the SAT this year and has already started studying with SAT prep books. Even some sophomores at McDowell are already preparing, like Bella Stone. “I’ve already started preparing, I have SAT and ACT practice books,” Stone said, “I’ll review any material given to me and I’ll practice whenever I can.
Even teachers have started helping students prepare for the SAT. “My math teacher gave us some advice on the test and a couple practice sheets,” Kehl said about Ms. Bruckman.
Most students take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test, or PSAT, in their sophomore year as a pretest to the SAT. This test can prepare you for what the real SAT is like and show you the importance of taking it.
The PSAT helped Carson learn how the SAT would be set up. “I got the feel for the layout of the test and how I will be scored. I also got a chance to see some of the knowledge that will be tested during the SAT,” Carson said. Since Stone took the PSAT this past year she believes “the sole purpose was to show us how the actual exam will be. I think they were helpful, they gave me an estimate of how much time we’ll have and what questions there will be,” she said.
Although the SAT test seems nerve wracking, it is very important to where a student’s future goes in higher education and life. “The importance of taking the SAT is so you can figure out which college is the best for you,” Carson said.

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