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Students Advise Incoming Freshmen to Get Involved

When freshman Kerrisa Moyer stepped into the halls of McDowell Intermediate High School, she was excited about all the opportunities the school offered, and made sure she got involved right away. She joined Key Club, Center for Performing Arts stage crew, and the MIHS School Store by the time the leaves started to fall.
Moyer found it easy to sign up and connect her interests with clubs and activities on campus, but even she admits that for some, this might not be so easy.
If students weren’t very involved in middle school or missed the listing of activities in homeroom, they might hesitate to sign up because they don’t know what each club entails. After the initial sign ups, they may not know what to try next.

McDowell Senior High and MIHS collectively offer 63 school activities, but Moyer and fellow freshman Isabelle Southard both think that a list should be more accessible on the Millcreek Township School District website. The only activities on the MTSD website are Honors College, Center for Performing Arts, and Trojan Tailors. The website can be difficult to navigate and find certain things a student may be searching for.

There is much more information about the activities on the school activity sheets that are supposed to be posted in each tutorial classroom, but that might not be as accessible as it should be. “There should always be a spot where you can pick up activity sheets,” Moyer said.
“It would be helpful if the freshman orientation had the activity sheets over the summer,” said Southard. It may also be a good idea for the freshman orientation to provide stands for each activity, just like the Trojan Expo. This way students can see the available activities before they start the school year. Moyer suggested that posters should be put up around the schools so people can see what is available.

Moyer explains that she loves doing stage crew for McDowell’s CPA productions because she has made some new friends from it, something many incoming freshmen are looking to do when they enter into a freshman class of about 490 students.
Both Moyer and Southard said they would have had a different approach on choosing their activities if they got a better and improved list with easier access.

As featured in the February 2017 issue of The Trojan Voice

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