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Not too long ago, I wrote a story about the representation of the Mob at sporting events . During the story, I got to interview a girls’ basketball player, Lauren Heutsche. In our interview, she said that most of those people who show up to their games are the parents of the players. Heutsche also said that spirit at her games helps her while she is playing in the court. I think that if spirit and the crowds support helps the players then girls’ basketball deserves cheerleaders too. I believe that the girls deserve the benefits of a supportive student body and helpful spirit spread from the community just like the boys get.
During the same story, I interviewed Chris Yanez, who frequently goes to McDowell events. He said that he finds out about most of the games he goes to from cheerleaders and from posters around the school. In order for him to find out about the girls’ basketball games from cheerleaders, we would have to know when they are; if we got to cheer at them we could spread the word. There would be a potential for a larger turn out, the girls would receive more encouragement from the cheerleaders and crowd, and they could feel and play better.
I understand that the school may not have funding for another cheer team. I think that we could use the existing JV and Freshman cheer teams to cheer for the girls’ basketball games. The varsity cheer team mostly consists of members who are also on McDowell’s competition team, but the JV and Freshman teams only have to cheer at boy’s basketball games. We have chants that are specifically for basketball season, but they aren’t specifically for boys. Therefore we are already partially prepared to cheer at the games. The only thing we would have left to do would be prepare routines for in between quarters and for halftime, which could be the routines we already have prepared for the boys’ games.
I would like to support my friends who see boys getting more attention and recognition for playing the same sport as them. Cheerleaders \ could really help them feel better about their games, It would also influence how other people see their games. A larger crowd in general to support the girls basketball team could also be beneficial. To find out more about McDowell’s sports, you can go to the athletics section on

As featured in the February 2017 edition of The Trojan Voice

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