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McDowell Performs ‘The Perfect Musical’

Guys and Dolls is thought of by many in the theater community as the perfect musical.  As Mr. Brent Johnson, director of the show, explained, it is because of how well the music, dance, dialogue, and characters are integrated together to tell the story.
It is also the perfect musical for the school’s cast. According to Mr. Johnson the production “showcases our performing arts department and the talent we have here at McDowell.”
Set in 1920s New York City, the show begins with Nathan Detroit (Ethan Craig) a big time gambler, who needs money to open a new gambling hot spot. To earn the money, he makes a bet with Sky Masterson (Paul Kerner), a man who will bet on anything. They bet $1,000 that Sky can’t get Sarah Brown (Anna Droney), a wholesome missionary, to accompany him to a sultry nightclub in Havana, Cuba. Little do they know, the bet will lead to better things than just a winning bet.
The show also incorporates another love story between Nathan and Adelaide (Cara Niebling) whose 14 year engagement starts weighing on Adalaide. She wants him to finally set a date for the wedding day.
Senior Cara Niebling, who plays her “dream role” of Adelaide said her favorite part about being in the show was seeing her best friends everyday and getting to tell a story with them.
Mitchell McVeigh, playing the role of Nicely Nicely Johnson – a small time gambler who works for Nathan, said his favorite part is the music and how well written it is. “[The show] super funny…with great music which will appeal to all ages,” he said.
Although they make it look easy, putting on a production is harder than it looks. McVeigh said that they could be at rehearsals until 8 p.m. or later as the show gets closer, running through the whole show to make every minute detail of these scenes perfect. They get critiques, or notes, from the director team of Mr. Johnson and his wife Mrs. Leah Johnson on their performances until the day before the audience sees the show.

As featured in the December 2016 Edition of The Trojan Voice

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