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Superbowl LI

What a game! Super Bowl LI was the first Super Bowl in NFL history to go into overtime.

The Patriots are in their fifth winning streak of Super Bowl games with Tom Brady as their leading quarterback.

The game started out looking hopeful for the Atlanta Falcons, leading 21-0 before half time. The first touchdown of the game was made by running back Devonta Freeman. Atllanta’s defensive was unstoppable, holding the the Patriots from scoring in the entire first half. Matt Ryan, quarterback for the Falcons, had a total of 302 total passing yards, assisting his team by throwing reasonable passes.

After halftime, the Falcons still had the lead, but the Pats started to get back in the game, scoring their first field goal within the first two minutes of the third quarter. Soon after that, Atlanta scored yet another touchdown, bringing the score to 28-3.

Fans, viewers, and even the players thought this was going to be Atlanta’s win, seeing that one of the best teams in the league was not putting points out, but no one saw Tom Brady come out of the locker room with a vengeance. Brady was able to drive the ball down the field, allowing his team the ability to score 25 points. Brady ended the night with 257 total passing yards. At the end of the third quarter, James White, running back, scored New England’s first touchdown of the game, but placekicker, Stephen Gostkowski, missed the extra point attempt, bringing the score to 28-9.

Who’s going to win Super Bowl LI? A poll took place in McDowell High School collecting students opinion on who is going to win. Students were given the option between New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and the option for people who don’t plan on watching the game. After tallying up all the votes, the Atlanta Falcons were favored to win the Super Bowl.

Heading into the fourth quarter, Atlanta was unable to produce any additional points, leaving the door wide open for the Patriots to catch up and tie the game at 28-28. Atlanta’s defense was allowing the Pats’ offensive to catch long passes enabling them to gain extra yardage.

This was the Patriots’ chance to show everyone that they wanted to keep their winning streak alive, but this was also Atlanta’s chance to win their second Super Bowl.

All fans, including those of other teams, were on edge waiting to see who was going to win. In overtime, the first team to score a touchdown wins the game. If one team scores a field goal, the other team is granted possession and has a chance to tie the game with a field goal or win the game with a touchdown.

A little over a minute into overtime, White scored the winning touchdown, advancing them to carry on their legacy as five-time Super Bowl champions. Confetti started falling right away before officials could review the play. After reviewing, the play on the field was confirmed a touchdown.

New England’s Head Coach Bill Belichick has recently added his seventh ring to his collection of Super Bowl rings. He hopes to add more rings in the future. One rumor said that Tom Brady, who is 40 years old, was going to retire after this season. However, it was stated that he is going to stay in the NFL, but he is unsure of how much longer he is going to play.

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