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Bernie Still Stands a Chance in 2020

Despite what older folks may try to make you believe, our generation has an outstanding amount of energy, and definitely has the capacity to care about the current political landscape. This was on obvious display at Bernie Sander’s political rally that took place April 19, where an estimated 2,200 people showed up.

Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to combat the political evil that is so present in the system, and that may have been because many of the people who support Sanders aren’t old enough to vote. The younger population has no real say in the future president until another four years or more passes.

I was among the many eager people who lined up in our hometown, waiting for Sanders to speak. There were young people all around, exemplifying that his is truly a movement of the youth. Everyone who showed up was kind and respectful, and cared about the future of the country. The atmosphere was very positive. There were pins being sold in support of Sanders as enthusiastic gatherers crowded outside the doors of the Bayfront Convention Center. The crowd was energetic and electric, creating something that added up to be a once in a lifetime experience.

The results of the primaries in Pennsylvania were highly unnerving, and mark an unsettling pattern that’s taking place within politics. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton finds herself with a substantial lead over Sanders in all contested states, except for Rhode Island. On the Republican side of things Donald Trump has won nearly every state.

At this point Bernie Sanders’ campaign is essentially dead. Ted Cruz and John Kasich stood no mathematical chance against Trump, causing Cruz to drop out of the race May 3 and Kasich followed on May 4, following major losses to Trump. This means the general election will likely turn into a contest between Trump and Clinton, which is what many people, including myself, didn’t want to see.

Sanders was the light of hope in the dismal election, while the majority of the candidates lack trustworthiness. Trump continues to spread his message of hate, even bragging about the wall he will build to keep illegal Mexicans out of America in his television commercials.

At the same time Clinton is doing whatever she can to appeal to millennials. Her trustworthiness has been brought into question in regards to her use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

I see no clear positive outcome from this election, especially if Trump is elected. He is likely to become the most disliked president ever elected to office. This could create protests on a massive scale.

The American people, who accept hateful rhetoric from a politician, have allowed this to happen. The situation could become even worse if Sanders decides to run on a third party ticket, which might result in a split in the Democratic vote, giving Trump an open road to the White House.

I’m looking forward to the future when Sanders has a real chance to get his foot in the door in the 2020 election when these energized young people can vote. I am afraid he has no chance of making it through the primaries in this election cycle. I just hope that America gives him a chance at some point, even if that’s four years down the road, because Sanders is the only hope I see for solving the political corruption that has become overly prevalent, blocking any chance for justice to occur in the broken system.

Whatever occurs at this point in the election is inevitable. Trump or Clinton will be the next president of this nation, there’s little way around that reality at this point in time. As a country we will unfortunately be forced to choose the lesser of the evils to loom over us.

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