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One Tree Hill main characters from left to right Peyton Sawyer, Lucas Scott, Brooke Davis, Nathan Scott, and Haley James. (

One Tree Hill: 4 Years Later, Still Gaining New Fans

If you’re looking for something to “binge watch” on Netflix, I have a great suggestion.

One Tree Hill.

While several people think One Tree Hill is just like every other teenage show: there’s too much drama or there are too many seasons, I’ve become totally attached, so much so that I feel as if the characters are like my family and friends.

Akin to teen dramas of the past like Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90210, One Tree Hill first aired on the CW in 2003 and ended in 2012. When the show first aired, I was about two years old, but thanks to Netflix, I was able to view all nine seasons. My binge lasted five days, seventeen hours, and eight minutes of episodes. It became my obsession.

When I became interested, I didn’t exactly know what it was about besides the given description. I was drawn in by the storyline of two brothers who didn’t get along and how secrets fly so fast in a small town.

The story begins as the characters make their way through high school in the small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. One Tree Hill focuses on the main character Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and his half brother Nathan Scott (James Lafferty). The two teenagers share the same father, but not the same mother. Their father, Dan Scott (Paul Johansson), chose to be in Nathan’s life, but not Lucas’s which starts a feud between the brothers. Both brothers are on the school’s basketball team which doesn’t help relieve the tension.

Eventually the brothers start to get along when they realize their father isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks he is, in fact he is possibly a criminal. Johansson plays a believably immoral character who later kills someone very close to Lucas. This makes his hate for his father even stronger.

There are also several relationships in One Tree Hill that drew me into the series. Lucas and Peyton Sawyer’s (Hilarie Burton) relationship begins in the first season. The two are unbelievably alike but from different worlds. Peyton is a misunderstood cheerleader and Lucas is beginning his basketball career. While watching, I knew they would be together because Lucas and Peyton have such a tight bond. When the couple finally started dating, they fall in and out of love throughout the series, even after high school. Unfortunately, they split up, but one place always brings everyone back together, Tree Hill.

Another couple I’ve become attached to is Nathan and Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz). Haley is best friends with Lucas, so having feelings for Nathan isn’t something she could commit to. Haley becomes Nathan’s tutor which is where their love story begins. During high school, Nathan and Haley jump into the adult world a little too fast for my taste but everything works out in later episodes.

Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush), the raspy-voiced popular girl, is also a very important character because of her long friendship with Peyton. Brooke was involved with Lucas in the first few seasons when he saw a different side of her, although their relationship doesn’t work out. Brooke later comes to accept that Peyton and Lucas are meant to be and all three remain good friends. As an adult, Brooke is a fashion designer and meets her husband Julian Baker (Austin Nichols). She has gone through many hardships in her life that Bush does an amazing job executing as an actress.

In season five, One Tree Hill makes a time jump to after college. Relationships and family issues drastically change.

There are new characters who join the cast, but the original cast will always be the best. Peyton and Lucas leave Tree Hill to start a new life together.

Nathan and Haley are the main characters in the new format of the show. This new setup focuses on Nathan’s basketball career and their lives as young adults and parents.

Even though this drama has ended, I still watch it over and over again because it has great storylines. Every episode is different, and the show isn’t as repetitive as some others, which recycle the same events and stories over and over. The life events the characters go through are so realistic they could happen to someone in real life.

The show could also be considered a family show. While I was watching, my family started watching with me and came to love it almost as much as I do. My father could be more attached than I am, with claims that it is one of his “favorite shows of all time.” I couldn’t move on to the next episode unless my parents were watching it with me. I think my parents’ interest in the show stems from their past love of  Dawson’s Creek, a teen drama that aired from 1998 to 2003. Both of my parents think the show gives good and inspiring messages that teenagers can use every day.

There really is no other town like Tree Hill, North Carolina, that’s why there is only ‘One’ Tree Hill.

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