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Born This Way Foundation Falls Short of Claims

Everyone wants the perfect glow that’s lightweight, natural, and long wearing for those hot summer days. So this season I reached for the Too Faced Born This Way foundation that says it “masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin.”

Upon application, this product did offer a natural look compared to other foundations that are very heavy such as, Kat Von D’s Lock-It foundation and Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid foundation, which are very matte and not natural looking.  

I expected a luminous finish, but I felt that Too Faced Born This Way had a more matte finish. I even used a translucent setting powder after application from Laura Mercier, which is only supposed to prolong your foundation and to set the rest of your face makeup.

A big deal breaker for me is finding a foundation that is long wearing.I didn’t do anything more than my normal routine, and I am still unimpressed.

As for its long wearing ability, the foundation did not stay on my skin. After my fifth hour of having this foundation on, it seemed to come off on the tip of my nose, and it started doing the same thing on my chin. I also started to see some redness start to peek through, which isn’t very flattering. It reminds me of Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD foundation, which is beautiful, but is not long wearing.

As for the “undetectable” coverage, the foundation fell short on this claim as well. I do agree that it looks more natural than other foundations but makeup is makeup, and you’re still going to notice it, no matter what.

One thing I do like, however, is that this foundation is very lightweight, making it a great option for summer time. If only it was longer wearing than it could receive a better review.

There are several different skin tones. Normal means not too dry or oily anywhere. Combination means some dry spots and an oily t-zone. Dry means that you have very little oil.

I have normal to combination skin, and if it doesn’t stay on my skin in the spring, I could only imagine how easily it would come off in the summer heat. I might only recommend this to people with dry to extremely dry skin.

This product’s color range did not impress me either. They have one foundation and they expect it to match five different skin tones, which doesn’t work as well as it claims to. This was the first thing that made me refrain from looking into this as an option before now.

Overall, this product isn’t terrible, but it does not live up to my expectations and for this reason I think it is not worth the money or hype.

I think you’re better off with purchasing the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy foundation that’s $7.99 compared to $39. I’m glad Sephora gave me a sample because they did not have my shade in the store. I would definitely be returning this if I had paid full price.

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