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Maddock performing live at Basement Transmissions on April 9, 2016 (photo courtesy of Captain's Press)

Basement Transmissions Hosts 3rd Annual Toxic Prom

Basement Transmissions hosted its 3rd Annual Toxic Prom on Saturday April 9, bringing  250 fans to the local music venue. This year’s theme was “Underwater Mutant Creatures,” making light of the pollution in Lake Erie.

Toxic Prom is Basement Transmission’s largest local act-centric show of the year. Each of the acts that performed were chosen by a panel of regular volunteers and the entire BT management team.

Manager Aidan Sloppy said, “We ultimately selected bands based on local support and how much they could get people to dance.”

Garrett Jageman, singer of Jurassic Skatepark said, “Proms are essentially the same event in every high school throughout the country. Toxic Prom is the antithesis of the generic prom, and it encourages everyone to experience it in their own way.”

Performances included the debut of pop punk band Jurassic Skatepark, disco punk band Maddock, groovy reggae band Inward Focus, the porg-alt rock band Jivan, progressive jam band Gnosis and one fan favorite, Instead of Sleeping.

In addition to the magnificent music, the show featured a light show, lots of treats, and an open pool table in the back room. It was noticeably much more organized this year compared to the past with the new, larger BT staff to manage the show.

First-time concertgoer Colleen Ross said, “[The show was] a very fun-loving, eclectic experience. It was like everyone there was a big family. It amazes me how at ease all the musicians seemed to be on [and off] stage.”

According to fans, the highlight of the night was Instead of Sleeping’s cover of  “Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t.” originally performed by Indie rock band Brand New The crowd went hysterical when the song began. Some fans even were screaming the lyrics along with the band.

“The only thing louder than the PA system was the roar of the crowd after every song,” Jageman says.

  • Jivan performing live at Toxic Prom on Saturday, April 9, 2016 (photo courtesy of Captain's Press)
  • Instead of Sleeping performing at Toxic Prom on Saturday, April 9, 2016 (photo courtesy of Captain's Press)
  • Inward Focus performing at Toxic Prom on Saturday, April 9, 2016 (photo courtesy of Captain's Press)

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