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Grey's Anatomy is still continuing after 12 long seasons on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. eastern on ABC.

Grey’s Anatomy Gains New Fans Over 12 Seasons

Every week I question why I watch the show that has me on the edge of my seat, crying over my favorite characters’ death, screaming over the blood, and laughing at the friendships.

This emotional trainwreck is Grey’s Anatomy.
This show has as much drama as a teenage girl’s life, yet I keep coming back and watching it.


I’ve become so attached that I look at the characters like they are real people and my friends. Grey’s Anatomy has been on almost as long as I’ve been alive, which is ironic because I’ve invested 168 hours of my life into 244 episodes so it’s too late to turn back now.
It airs on ABC, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. eastern and has been on long before I was allowed to watch it in 2005. But thanks to Netflix, I have managed to catch up on 11 seasons of these medical doctors’ and nurses’ lives in a matter of eight months. Currently, Grey’s Anatomy is in its twelfth season.

The show itself was created and executive produced by mastermind Shonda Rhimes, it’s categorized as a drama, soap opera, comedy, and especially romance. Fair warning, there is blood and traumas in every episode, it is a show about a hospital.
Ellen Pompeo plays Meredith Grey, the main character, for whom the show is named. The title is actually a play on words, it is a reference to Henry Gray’s medical textbook, Gray’s Anatomy.
Grey works at Seattle Grace Hospital located in Seattle which later becomes Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital because of the loss of certain characters. She begins in season one as an intern who eventually becomes Head of General Surgery. She is one of the five interns who started on the show, and is one of the longest surviving characters.
During the show, audiences go through Meredith’s adult life and become absorbed in flashbacks of her childhood. Her character is described as “dark and twisty” because of the chain reactions of traumas in her life. It’s upsetting to see every traumatic event she has to face. This “grey” Meredith goes through a drowning, car accidents, a plane crash, family deaths, and being assaulted by patients, just to name a few. With as many of these traumas you can almost feel Grey’s pain.
In the first episode, a love story emerges between Meredith and Derek Shepherd, an attending neurosurgeon. Their forbidden love affair has its ups and downs and extends over eleven seasons. I fell in love with this couple when nothing was able to get in the way of their relationship.

Throughout the show, relationships begin and change constantly, sometimes it’s hard to keep track. The couples that everyone wants to stay together will split up or one will die, so don’t get too attached.
Now in its twelfth season, characters have come and gone from Meredith’s life, but the friendships between the characters have never ended. The situations between characters are very realistic as if  they could happen in our own lives. Meredith must cope with the death of one of the main characters involved in her life. She is a strong, independant woman even though she describes herself as dark and twisty. I feel like the reason fans keep watching the show is because they enjoy how she is indestructible with everything that happens to her, and they strive to be like her.

This show has a wide range of fans, parents even enjoy watching Grey’s Anatomy with their children. It has become a family bonding experience to watch the show together, like my family. My parents are interested in it and my best friend’s convincing review is why I became hooked.
Some people think that Grey’s Anatomy is dragging on, which they are partly right about. Twelve seasons of plot twists and drama can be a little too much. Although, the creators are not ending the show for several years. Pompeo renewed her contract for two more seasons in 2014, which are almost up.
Yes, I cry, scream, and laugh during pretty much every episode, but it wouldn’t feel the same without watching my favorite show since it is so addicting. Although I love Grey’s Anatomy, the show really is dragging on. Maybe it’s time for Grey’s Anatomy to “scrub out.” The show has been on so long people are going to forget about what happened during the first few seasons, kind of like Meredith’s mom forgot about her own daughter because of her Alzheimer’s.

When is Grey’s Anatomy’s time of death?

I guess we’ll just have to wait for a future diagnosis.

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