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Pointers for a Perfect Prom

Getting ready for prom as a girl can be complicated. Guys have to deal with minimal prep work before the “big day” such as renting a tux, buying a corsage, and making dinner reservations. Girls on the other hand have to deal with much more work like finding a dress, …

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How to Deal with Financial Frenzy

Whether teens are thinking about going to college, buying a car, or going out with friends to the movies, all of these require money. Once teens enter the work world, they should learn how to deal with their money, but admittedly, many aren’t sure where to start. Colleen Pagano is …

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The Rise of Vine

By now, most people who have a social media account like Facebook or Twitter has heard of Vine in some way, shape, or form. Whatever opinion that somebody might have about Vine videos, the fact that they’re popular can’t be denied. The real question however, is whether or not these …

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Safe Makeup Choices for Teens

During high school girls turn into ladies. They care about their appearance and more women are looking for makeup products that help their skin. The human skin wraps and protects the body so it is important to treat it right and be sure to keep it healthy and strong. “Skin …

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Tips for Good Health

“Bananas: The Wonder Fruit” Everyone knows about this delicious, sweet, and nutritious snack, but do they really know about all the amazing benefits this common fruit has to offer? Bananas can improve your life in so many different aspects including brain function, sleep, disease prevention, health, and beauty.     …

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Stay Busy over Spring Break

At Splash Lagoon visitors stand under the giant water bucket.

Spring break is almost here.  Many students must come up with creative ways to stay busy during their time off.  Contrary to crazy TV coverage of “Spring Break” activities, according to, most students don’t go on extravagant vacations.  Many teens are staying in Erie, and have nothing to do. …

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Winter Recreation Ideas

Snow one day, then 60 degree weather the next? Welcome to Erie. So what do you do when there is snow? Moaning and complaining works, but here are some better, more fun things to do. The obvious choice is to go sledding, but where are the best places to go? …

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