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Winter Photos

Living in Erie during the winter may be frustrating considering how much snow Erie gets. But, to a photographer it’s a great opportunity to find the beauty in the cold. These photos, taken on Jan. 12, will display how stunning the snow can really be, specifically at Presque Isle following …

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Homecoming 2014

This year, McDowell High-School’s homecoming theme was “A Night at the Oscars.”  Some features this year were paparazzi, unique lighting, a DJ, and even refreshments! It was truly a night to remember as students danced, socialized, and created memories that they will never forget.

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Homecoming Parade 2014

The homecoming parade for the 2014-2015 school year was an event that sparked the people’s attention. Throughout the parade, families, friends, and others gathered to celebrate together and support our school. The parade featured various organizations, schools, teams, and students.

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Color Wars 2014

This year’s color war featured the freshmen (green), and the sophomores (purple). With both teams interacting with their fans, and with the fans cheering on their players, the level of intensity was insane. In the end, the sophomores were victorious.

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