McDowell Alumni Rushes Into the Record Books


McDowell graduate James Conner, a 250-pound running back at the University of Pittsburgh, is gaining national recognition in college circles as he rushes into the record books. Conner is catching the eyes of millions of people who watch him play…

McDowell Players Prepare for The Pajama Game


As the school year comes into full swing, the McDowell Center For Performing Arts actors prepare to grace the stage once again. The first production of the year, The Pajama Game, is set to start its run of the Little…

Horror Movies: Best vs Worst


We all as humans have our own favorite movie genre. Horror is personally my favorite. Horror seeks to elicit negative emotional reactions from viewers by playing on the audience’s primal fears. It is inspired by literature from authors like Edgar…

Video killed the football star


Recently there has been a multitude of domestic violence issues in the NFL. Many people may argue that the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell, have not handled these issues properly, and I am one of them. I believe this because…

Homecoming 2014


This year, McDowell High-School’s homecoming theme was “A Night at the Oscars.”  Some features this year were paparazzi, unique lighting, a DJ, and even refreshments! It was truly a night to remember as students danced, socialized, and created memories that they will never forget.

Homecoming Parade 2014


The homecoming parade for the 2014-2015 school year was an event that sparked the people’s attention. Throughout the parade, families, friends, and others gathered to celebrate together and support our school. The parade featured various organizations, schools, teams, and students.