The Pajama Game Photo Album


The first production of the 2014-2015 school-year, The Pajama Game, had taken place at the Little Theater stage from November 20 through November 23.

Alternative Tunes of 2014


Forget Imagine Dragons and Lorde — a new pack of bands and artists have pushed themselves into the alternative charts this year. Varying from folk ballads to electronic dance anthems, the music industry has experienced an uproar of alternative music…

McDowell Sports: Basketball Preview


‘Every Game Matters’ to Boys Basketball this Season With the basketball campaign preparing to begin, the varsity basketball team at McDowell looks to make a lot of noise. McDowell’s varsity basketball team is coming off one of its best seasons…

Teens Hardwired for Technology

Mark Risinger, Amy Risinger

Statistics show that people look at their phones over 100 times a day. This proves technology is an important part of today’s society. Teenagers in particular are constantly being exposed to the media. Students with cell phones are constantly using…

NBA Season Overview: Western Conference 2014-2015


The Western Conference in the NBA is as dominant as it has ever been in recent years. With surprise teams, such as the Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers and the Houston Rockets on top of the conference, the Thunder struggling…